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Web Site Design and Development

This is our core! We simply love the web and making our clients websites.
We work with businesses, bands, models, community groups and well anyone who wants a web site.
Here’s the low down on what we can do, but for more specific information and guide packages/prices select from the menu above.

Website of all sizes

We offer everything from small starter websites, to large fully featured extravaganzas.
Whether you want one we build and look after for you, or one you can easily edit yourself, we can help.

Domain names and hosting

Chosen a domain name? There’s more to it than perhaps meets the eye ! We’ll be happy to advise and even register one or more for you (in your name of course).

Where will your site live? What do I need? Don’t worry, we can also host your site, it’s even included in our pricing so no nasty surprises or hidden fees.

The content you want

Your site can contain everything from text and images, through to video and audio.

We can also integrate your site with social media like facebook and twitter too, a great way to find new clients/visitors and form lasting relationships with them too.

Making your site work for you

Search engines? Yes, all our sites are optimised to for the searches your customers make, ensuring they find your site easily.

Our sites include traffic monitoring and full reports so you can see who came, where from and what they looked at ! That way you and we know how your site is performing ensuring the best results for you.

Friendly, reliable and dependable service

Firstly, we’re nice, really, coffee is on us and we won’t talk technical jargon at you (unless you like it).

We’re also always happy to take a call and help you.

Our phone number 08458 672672 is local rate and if we’re not in the office the mobile rings!

Essential your site is always live?

Our hosting is superb (99.9% uptime guarantee) but for those business critical sites or just for re-assurance we also offer 24 hour automatic site monitoring with text/email alerting.

Find out more…

Hopefully, you like what you just read!
Please select from the menu above for more specific information and our guide packages/prices. Or, give us a call!



Associated Services

TurnTurtle Media has a growing network of trusted professionals that we work closely with who can provide associated specialist services to compliment your website needs.

New to social media? Want to know how to exploit it for business? We know a guru !


Graphic Design
Identity and Branding
Print Media

Are you starting a new business?┬áThe website is just one thing you are dealing with but it’s closely tied to various others.
Do you already have a logo, a clear identity and brand?
Need business cards, stationary with logo’d letterheads?
Promotional material?
We can make things easier, through our partners we’ll put it all together in one neat package for you along with the your website, phew, less to organsise !

Social Media Consultancy and Training

Need help getting to grips with Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, all the latest of “social media”?
Social media can be a very powerful marketing and PR tool helping to grow your business and customer relationships. Our partners offer a range of seminars, courses and training to help you leverage it’s power.

3D Graphics and Animations

Marketing a complex product? Perhaps a 3d visualisation or animation might be useful on your website, our partners can help.
Click play to see an example animation.