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About Us

Ian Parker – Director and Web Developer

“I build pleasing, clean, usable websites.
I value good web design and good people.”

I’ve been working in multimedia development and
web design since 1999.

In a past life I led teams producing cutting edge multimedia based military training for UK MOD (RAF & Navy), British Aerospace (BAe), Locheed Martin and more.

However, my main passion has always been the web and numerous freelance projects have given me lots of experience and fuelled the fire.

2010 saw a shrinking of MOD budgets and the e-learning industry, so I fired my employer and founded TurnTurtle Ltd.

TurnTurtle Media is more than just myself though. I have built up a small network of skilled, experienced and trusted associates both in web design/development and in design, print media, 3d, animation, social media marketing/pr and other related areas.

We focus on our core skill, web design and development but we can offer much more with the added convenience and advantages of one source.

So, here I am and here it is “TurnTurtle Media”.

Let’s see what we can do for you.

(PS: You can contact me here, unless I’ve gone flying!)